Exploring the Esoteric Realms of SI

Have you had that odd experience with SI? Perhaps an old buried memory springs to life. Perhaps the tissue under your hands begins to dance and move. Perhaps you’ve “felt” bones lengthen. Perhaps you’ve impulsively asked a question that went to the core of your client’s experience and changed how they constructed the world. Do you work at a distance from your fingers, effecting deep structures beyond where your fingers actually are? Have you worked at a distance without physically touching your client?

I want to establish a forum where we can compare notes in a nonjudgemental fashion. The history of our work is rich with examples of work that does not fit in with the typically accepted paradigms.

The word Mystagogue was suggested to me as an explanation of what we do. We introduce people into a mystery, a place that is hard to adequately explain with words, that is life changing. I think we are Mystagogues in what we do. We have many stories about how our work has radically changed peoples lives by just organizing them around their Divine Line.

If this interests you and you would like to join in this journey, sign up below. I wish this group to be more of an organic process that develops and flows with the desires of its members.

Here is some vision of the people I would like to talk about and how their work had an effect on the development of Structural Integration.

Byron Gentry, a chiropractor, and a friend and one of the first students of Dr. Rolf did amazing work with what he called “The Tool,” the ability to mental intent access and treat at a distance. Byron was the go to guy when you had no idea what was going on. He used to do workshops and clearly explain what and how he did what he did. I have used these techniques successfully and most likely, with clear intent, you can too.

Bella Karesh was a channel who had a cosmology of the world and our evolutionary process she called the three selves. Dr Rolf often consulted her.

There are several practitioners that have results through working at a distance. I’d like to explore how they do it and what it is like.

Personally, I have had clients spontaneously remember past lives on the table. Enough so that I felt I needed to study a process of working with them.  I found and studied under Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves: A Jungian Therapist discovers Past Lives. Roger told me stories of how when he used to see his Rolfer® he would experience flashes of past lives that helped set him on his path. Through this work I have discovered that past life memories have a certain feel in the tissue and that there is a way to work with them. 

My wife, Molly, teaches Astrology and I;’m sure we could get her to teach us some basic astrology for both business and medical issues.