Finding Your Divine Line

Stand upright.

Take a deep breath and let your body relax.

Notice how your are standing in a relaxed state.

Bring your attention down to your feet.  Feel how they make contact with the ground.

Now let your awareness go down to the center of the Earth. Place a dot with your awareness in the center of the Earth.

Bring a line up from that dot, up through the Earth, between your ankles, between your knees, up through your hips , up through the center of your body – in front of your spine – and out the top of your head, through as spot in line with your ears and nose, out into the Universe.

Focus your awareness of this line, from the center of the Earth through you and out into the heavens.

This is the line that connects you to the Earth and the Universe.

Notice how you feel as you are aware of this line.

This is your line. Only you can occupy this line.

This is your Divine Line.